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My Chanukah Gift House

Eight Presents for Eight Nights!


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Eight special gifts for Eight special nights! Made exclusively for the Kosher Gift Collection, this Chanukah house has seven windows and one door that opens up to reveal a host of treats and presents. Peek into the windows, and you’ll see a brightly lit menorah in each one. From one candle to eight—they light up each night. Imagine the excitement on their faces as they open each one to discover what’s inside: silly putty in a dreidel, a set of four wooden mini-dreidels, chocolate gelt, a soft dreidel ball, Chanukah Jelly Bellies, Chanukah gummies, gumballs, and Chanukah stickers!

After the treats and toys are gone, it can be used to store all kinds of knick-knacks.

Measures 14”H x 8″W x 4″D. All food items are individually bagged for freshness.

Includes a free gift card with your personal message or greeting.

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Kosher Information

Chocolate gelt hechsher from Rabbi Menachem Meir Weissmandel; gumballs, jelly beans, and gummy stars are O-U Pareve