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The Purim Chess Set


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Exclusive Design

From the pages of the Megillah into your home, the story of Purim unfolds with this magnificent hand-crafted chess set. Each piece is sculpted of intricate resin and stored in an inlaid wooden storage board until you’re ready to play. This masterpiece is exclusively designed for The Kosher Gift Collection and will impress and delight for years to come.

Arrives with our classic gift box of chocolate dipped hamentaschen and dark chocolate hazelnut truffles.

Chess Board: 16″ x 16″ x 3″

Largest chess piece: 4.5″

Characters Side A
King: Mordechai
Queen: Esther
Bishop: Charvona
Knight: Haman leading Mordechai
Rook: Esther’s Palace
Pawns: Jewish children in prayer

Characters Side B
King: Achashverosh
Queen: Vashti
Bishop: Haman
Knight: King’s messengers delivering decrees
Rook: Haman’s House (see his wife Zeresh in the window tossing her litter!)
Pawns: Haman’s sons

Hamentash: CRC , KOF K
Chocolate Foils: OK, CRC

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